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“It will give our public safety community the modern tools they need to excel at the jobs they do every day.” Long term, the city hopes to install a new Citizen Relationship Management System to centralize multiple disparate relationship management systems and is also looking to upgrade or replace its financial systems. Cybersecurity is a priority in the jurisdiction, which has made enhancements and improvements over the last year, resulting in a solid backbone infrastructure and a next-gen Security Operations Center 2.0 that spends time and resources in visualizing the city's technology environment, protecting not just the network, but also the people and the devices they use.

Durham moved from eighth place last year to take first place in 2016. 4th // Seattle Seattle held steady at fourth place, the ranking it also received last year.

The first-place winners in five population categories are: Los Angeles; Virginia Beach, Va.; Durham, N. Judges evaluated the survey submissions of each city by considering 10 key characteristics of a digital city: open, mobile, engaged, collaborative, secure, staffed/supported, connected, efficient, resilient and innovative. The app generates about 300,000 service requests annually, but when paired with Web-based requests and phone calls, the total jumps to 1.5 million each year.

Cities realize data demands will only continue to grow in the future, and delivering data via aged infrastructure becomes increasingly difficult and expensive. Up to 75,000 population category: 1st Tamarac, Fla. One signature project is an update to the website, described as “the city’s main digital service channel.” A prototype is now in development, engaging citizens for feedback throughout the process.

We believe in promoting openness through open data; we believe in mobile and providing access to citizen services anytime, anywhere; and we want to be focused and energetic in applying technology to make life better for the average Angelino.” The city recently built an extensive open data portal including a variety of APIs available to developers or businesses, as well as a plethora of GIS data. “We are proud of our openness and transparency — our ability to show and disclose who we are, what we are doing and how we’re doing it.” L. leaders also believe in collaboration with businesses, education and nonprofits. One current partnership includes 11 universities that are analyzing data to determine ways to make L. About 50 percent of Ross’ IT staff of 450 are eligible to retire in the next two years. The Parks and Recreation Department completed a citywide street tree inventory that now includes 111,000 tree locations spanning 2,500 miles of streets, using geo-referenced street tree imagery.

Both Code for America and the Sunlight Foundation have identified L. “That poses quite a challenge when it comes to delivery of services,” he said. The effort equips the workforce to much more efficiently manage and maintain street trees throughout the city. Phoenix is staying strong in third place for a second year running, likely because it has honed in on smart growth through innovative infrastructure and fostering an innovation economy, priorities articulated by Mayor Greg Stanton and carried out by the city’s IT staff.

Virginia Beach also has an integrated public safety project underway that will replace its CAD911 and records management systems, and introduce a workforce management component. Images collected by volunteers of public art will be displayed around the city, with the goal of creating an app for a “public art walking tour” experience that includes the image, its background and the artist’s information.

“This will give us a fully integrated system for police, fire, emergency medical and emergency communications,” said Arvay. Also of particular note is Charlotte’s adoption of solar-powered compactors for trash receptacles, which are equipped with sensors that alert the appropriate city staff when they're full and ready for pickup.

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