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Bishorjon takes place with immense celebrations as the two Bengals drown their Durga idols in the river Ichamati separating them.

The young lady remembers one such day after bishorjon in her past.

) is a 2017 Bengali film directed by Kaushik Ganguly, starring Abir Chatterjee, and Joya Ahsan in lead roles. At the 64th National Film Awards 2017, Kaushik Ganguly's Bishorjon bagged the Best Bengali Film award.

Film opens with a young mother refusing to go see Durga bishorjon with her son.

Ganesh gets to know about Naseers's real identity and decides to keep a watch.

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Padma tells him not to worry about her and prepare to return to where he belongs.

He starts reminding her of her husband who died due to excessive drinking, and when Padma hears about Naseers's girlfriend Ayesha she feels heartbroken.

The two lonely souls have only each other in this dangerous situation and they start falling for each other.

She has acted in such movies as Bishh, Gandu, and Cosmic Sex.

Sen is considered as a notable actress of alternative Bengali cinema. I almost lost my identity while getting into the skin of the character." In the 2010 film Gandu, Sen played a lead role.

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