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The new formulation is bearable, but nothing compares to this one... I remember spraying this perfume from my mother's dresser whenever I went for a night out. On another note, brian.fitzgerald's review is wonderful... Additionally this formulation looms infinitely large over the softer, sweeter, weaker iteration of the EDP released in 2009.Very different from the more modern scents, but I admire all the notes it gives off- incense, jasmine, sandalwood... Although I am Italian I enjoy singing Bulerias, Spanish gypsy songs and they all evoke Opium. This perfume is hot to open: fiery cloves that make your upper lip prickle with sweat coupled with a wisp of delicately sweet incense.

Indeed it has this effect in Opium where the aroma is completely arresting. The quality and purity of ingredients are well preserved even in this quarter century old bottle. For a spellbinding theatrical review of Opium as performed by Salome, please read Kafkaesque's tribute -- the essence of Opium. In order to represent, you must be "of a certain age", you should be affluent or at least able to appear so.But I thought it was the most heavenly scent in the world, somewhere between our Orthodox church and our local baclava bakery. Even now, in my late thirties and much more assertive, I still don't think I can carry this one off. If anyone has an old bottle that needs a new home, or if anyone out there could send me a sample, that would be greatly appreciated! Tango Dancer Cologne All Hail Opium The endless review for this masterpiece speak for themselves. I have shoddy memory sometimes) the YSL fashions were pretty unisex in confident women's pant suits, jumpsuits and sexy oversized blouses.The sillage is so enormous people can smell you before you even enter a room, and to be honest, some of them flee to the other end, it's not always a crowdpleaser. This is a 1970's iconic fragrance formulated by not one but two noses Jean Sieuzac & Jean Amic for the fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent. Women were no longer the domesticated dolls of the 1950's a la Donna Reed in pearls and polka dot dresses.I just need to know if the original perfume has dyes in it and if so which ones? I am not, at this moment in time au fait with the ways of writing about fragrance in a manner that is helpfully descriptive as well as succinct. I grew up in house where Opium was sprayed for any occasion on all females in the family.Its the perfume that I compare every other perfume to. The other OPIUM's are not bad, but that's not it, something is missing.

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