Cyprus dating scam

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I don't think he wants to scam me the whole amount of buying a car but I think he is trying to scam me of my shipping money.I tried to check out the shipping company couldn't find it but ,rather something similar in the U. The type of car & price offered, something doesn't feel right.In fact no country is free from scammers, and not only in online dating by any means.What they all have in common is that sooner or later and in some circumstances or other they will ask you for money.In some ways online dating is safer than traditional dating, but there are scammers and con men operating both offline and online. Here are three online dating scams to watch out for.If you know about them you are much less likely to be taken in by them.

Aim to use this safety method with someone you initially met online too -- in other words, meet and get to know someone in the real, offline world, and get to know his or her friends and family first before you give your full trust. So I look at a local advertising magazine and I find an advert about a car that gets me interested.But there is no contact number except email adress.On the day of the meeting a third person will contact the innocent single to say that his or her intended date has had an accident.Money is urgently needed for hospital treatment/ to get the person to hospital/ to pay for some other high expense.

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