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Among cities with populations over 100,000, New York City (365,000), San Francisco (161,000), Los Angeles (74,000), Honolulu (69,000), and San Jose (58,000) have the largest numbers of Chinese Americans.Traditional urban enclaves, such as Chinatowns in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, continue to exist and to receive new immigrants, but they no longer serve as primary centers of initial settlement.Legal exclusion, augmented by extralegal persecution and anti-Chinese violence, effectively drove the Chinese out of the mines, farms, woolen mills, and factories on the West Coast.As a result, many Chinese laborers already in the United States lost hope of ever fulfilling their dreams and returned permanently to China.

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Others came with family savings, education and skills far above the levels of average Americans.

; in fact, women of all races seemed to strongly prefer White men, save Black women who were the only ones to rate Black men positively.

Asian men were considered the least desirable race overall, with even Asian women choosing White men over them.

In the mid-l9th century, most Chinese immigrants arrived in Hawaii and the U. mainland as contract labor, working at first in the plantation economy in Hawaii and in the mining industry on the West Coast and later on the transcontinental railroads west of the Rocky Mountains.

But few realized their gold dreams; many found themselves instead easy targets of discrimination and exclusion.

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