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Next time you go to an internet café, look around before ferociously logging on to your e-mail account – it is not at all uncommon that behind one of those computers you will see guy with a bunch of instant messaging windows open on his screen, chatting with more than one woman in the same time and proclaiming his undying love to each and every one of them.

It’s a game and it’s fun, and the grand prize is the easy life! It gives few handy pointers to women who truly believe that they have found a true love from an Arabic country, but who have still maintained enough presence of mind to think realistically and doubt even a tiny bit in His motivations.

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They don’t necessarily want to abandon their family and friends, but easy life and get-rich-quick schemes are definitely in their minds.

Aiko spoke some English and when she found out that I am married, she seemed to decide that I am exactly the right person to talk about her love life with.

She was telling me how Houssam wants to move out of Morocco right away, but not to Japan, but to somewhere in Europe.

Marriage proposal is something that any woman visiting Morocco will experience sooner or later.

My funniest proposal was in Fes when a guy suggested i marry him and when i turned to leave, he yelled after me on the street that he will be a good husband, will cook and clean :).

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