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Opening her closet the women swarmed it and started giggling as they found more items of rubber, PVC and leather than they knew existed each pulling out items and holding them up to each other.Linda had found a long hobble dress and begged to be able to try it on but even she could tell it wouldn’t fit her much larger body.

Linda asked why Cindy always wore her clothes so tight and why they always looked shiny.

Linda thanked her and said, "I was starting to like it but this makes it much easier".

Cindy smiled and said, "Yeah fully closed might be too much for the first time, at least you have a choice," turning her back to Linda showing her that the dress she was in do not have a lower zipper.

Cindy let her pull enjoying having someone to tighten the corset properly for a change.

When Linda stopped and said, "I don’t think I can close it anymore." Cindy assumed she was tired but Linda had actually closed the thick rubber corset making the steel stays built into it dig into Cindy’s body.

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