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Yang's thoughts were fully on her training she didn't notice someone walking behind her."Yang? Seeing Raven like that…blood down her chin and eyes so red…bodies all around her…You broke me from her curse and we have been okay ever since."Yang looked up at Ruby and smiled. "Yang felt her breath catch in her throat and she looked at the door to the training room."Yang kept hitting the bag harder, trying to block out the nightmare slowly creeping up on her thoughts."Yang."Yang growled low, her fangs clearly visible, and her knuckles starting to bleed."YANG! " Yang knelt down in front of Ruby and looked at her cheek."I was going to ask you the same thing. She is still embarrassed by it when we woke up in an uh…"Yang's smirked grew and she leaned closer to Ruby. We have each other and two awesome partners and friends. "Yeah…We might be in training to become Huntresses but as Vampires, we still could lose control anytime, Rubes. There stood her biggest nightmare after all these centuries.I mean think about it, Yang actually jumped in front of Blake when Nora swung her hammer into her side. Blake and Weiss are basically families to us." Ruby said and looked back at the bakery, wondering why Weiss wouldn't let her go with. "Mother and Father were killed by Humans during their mission. Pyrrha looked down at the box and opened it slowly to see a red velvet cupcake with golden icing on top and to finish a large Phoenix design lying on top of the icing. "Jaune's face turned bright red to match Ruby's cloak and he looked at Weiss."We will be up ahead," Weiss said with a smile and pulled a cookie dazed Ruby behind her with the boxes. That's so sweet." Pyrrha said with a small smile and her face bright as her hair."Pyrrha, what I'm trying to say is…" Jaune took a step closer to Pyrrha.She wasn't that bad…around cookies…"Ruby, where is your family? At least that's what I was told."Pyrrha tilted her head and moved closer to Ruby. "Will you help me train so I can be a better leader? "Pyrrha felt her heart slightly break but smiled still."Now before we talk about this anymore please explain to me why only Weiss' bed is a mess…"-CPz-Ruby's silver eyes narrowed at the redhead who was leaning against the side of the building while they waited for their partners. "We have our teams but no one really knows about us but my team." Ruby looked at Pyrrha."What exactly did you put in Yang's drink last night, Pyrrha? Pyrrha looked at the bakery store and saw Jaune carrying more boxes than he can balance with Weiss in lead holding one small box. I was worried I would have to unleash Ruby in the bakery."Ruby growled and Weiss giggled."Of course I did." Yang looked over to Ruby's side of the room and saw her sister's bed was still made meanwhile Weiss' bed was a mess. "Blake purred softly while Yang stroked her cat ears."They went out to grab something to eat." Blake closed her eyes and kissed Yang's exposed skin."Blake…what happened last night? You said I didn't hurt you but…" Yang swallowed nervously and stroked Blake's black hair out of her face."We didn't go any further than kissing if that's what you are worried about." Blake nuzzled Yang's hand and smiled.

"I prefer this side, the real you."Yang smiled and held Blake closer while returning the kiss. Uncle Qrow tried to make sure we lived like kids even though we weren't exactly…normal."Pyrrha looked down. "I mean I have my family but…""It's not the same," Ruby said and chuckled.

Centuries passed after the death of her parents, will Yang get over the hatred for Humans by attending Beacon Academy with her younger sister, Ruby?

Things will go bump in the night for our Team RWBY. Yang was finally glad to be over with all this holiday stuff and just get back to focusing on her school work.

" Pyrrha asked them and Weiss' face blushed as she looked away."Weiss won't let me eat some of the cookies." Ruby pouted more at Weiss."Those are for our Team's Party, Ruby," Jaune said with a chuckle. You taught me how to control when Raven took us hunting that first night.

"You can have some after classes tomorrow."Ruby pouted more and an airship came down as Pyrrha and Jaune grabbed a few boxes."Let's move, Dolt," Weiss said and both she and Ruby grabbed a few boxes and all four walked onto the airship.-CPz-Yang slammed her fist harder into the punching bag and it swung from left and right with each hit. You saw firsthand how bad we truly could be with no control. So yes, go get her." Yang chuckled at Ruby's pout."Oh daughter, you never learn, do you?

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