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[Duke Boleslav has been suggested as the possible husband of lfgifu of Wessex, daughter of Edward "the Elder" King of Wessex & his second wife lfleda ---.

Hroswitha of Gandersheim describes her as "Adiva younger in years and likewise inferior in merit" to her older sister Eadgyth, whom she accompanied to Germany to provide an alternative choice of bride for Otto of Germany, who has not been identified.

Concerning the age difference, if Predslava was still considered marriageable by Boleslaw I Prince of Poland in [1017], it is likely that she was born somewhat later than [978/86] (in which case she would have been the daughter of Grand Prince Vladimir by one of his concubines). However, his paternal uncle is recorded as having been born in 929 and the likely birth date range of his paternal aunt was [940/45].

It is therefore unlikely that Duke Boleslav's father was born much later than the 930s.

King Rudolf died later in 1307, at which time Heinrich von Grz, son of Meinhard II Duke of Carinthia, was appointed to succeed (see Chapter 3).It seems improbable chronologically that her husband could have been Duke Boleslav.Although the duke's birth date is not known, his younger brother Strakhvas was born 28 Sep 929.By [1018], fifteen years had passed since he was blinded and sent into exile.No information has been found in the primary sources about his activity during this period, which suggests that he fell into obscurity.

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