Perl programming updating data file

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However, if a character can not be represented in N8CS, UTF-8 is used.In other words, if all code points in a string are Your program can have a mix of strings in both of Perl's internal formats. However, when a N8CS/native string is used together with a UTF-8 string, the native string is silently implicitly decoded using N8CS, and upgraded (encoded) to UTF-8.One exception might be your Perl source code itself.

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See also Perl Unicode Cookbook - 44 recipes for working with Unicode in Perl 5.

Unicode is a standard that specifies all of the characters for most of the World's writing systems.

Each character is assigned a unique codepoint, such as U 0030.

In the context of application development, Unicode with UTF-8 encoding is the best way to support multiple languages in your application.

Multiple languages can even be supported on the same Web page.

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