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It’s hard to make sex a “go” when it has been at a dead stop for a week, or weeks.

Sex therapists like to talk about the concept of sexual “simmering” — the little, quiet, things that a couple can do that keep romantic and sexual thoughts alive in the cacophony of daily demands. Assuming that both people are interested in being sexual (that the sexting won’t be seen as a demand or a guilt trip), a sexy text or a romantic text, is a way to keep sexual thoughts alive.

"We wanted to talk not just about risk, but also introduce the idea that pleasure is a part of it."The takeaway, she said, is that when sexting is wanted by both parties, is can be a good thing. D., a certified sex therapist in Lexington, Massachusetts, agrees that sexting can play an important role in adult relationships.

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Want to have some fun around 9pm after the kids are in bed?

Don't Forget Pleasure The main goal of the study was to look at sexting through a new filter, Stasko said.

The practice has historically been viewed as a risky activity among teens, associated with other sexual risk-taking (like having unprotected sex) and negative health outcomes, like sexually transmitted infections.

One of the things committed couples struggle with is how to fit sex in to their busy lives.

It’s hard to get into a sexual mindset when one’s head is full of work commitments, the perennial to do list or parenting responsibilities.

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