Showing vulnerability dating 18 dating a 22 year old

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This is how true connection is born within our relationships.

Most everyone is scared to death to navigate a new relationship. When we are willing to state our fear, most likely we will discover our person is equally afraid.

Vulnerability is not something we are taught about it school.

Most emotional issues are not covered in the general education at public schools in America.

Vulnerability is about speaking our truth unabashedly Learning to be vulnerable again (or perhaps for the first time) is a delicate place to navigate because we’ve subconsciously armored up in attempt to protect our heart from possible pain.

The dictionary definition says; capable of being wounded or hurt. As a writer, I like to have clear definitions of words, or we will never, so to speak, be on the same page.

As a therapist, I want first and foremost for my clients to learn how to care for themselves.

So, to be clear, I donʼt think women struggle with not being vulnerable enough.

Feeling vulnerable feels like feeling vulnerable, scared and hopeless sometimes.

There is such a thing as being safe enough to allow someone else to care for us. Women need tools to know how to trust themselves first, and then they will know who they can trust enough to let them into their lives.

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