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(1) In this sector, where making the clients’ dreams come true is essential, the sales force plays a vital role.

Michaela Merk, a specialist in marketing and international retail, chose to spend 4 years researching the link between the brand and its sales force. What is the best way to manage a sales team so that they embody the brand values?

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Nearly 8 out of 10 participants also believe that both public and private television should join the fight against stereotypes.Of the top fifteen international luxury brands, seven are French.French brands represent 25% of the world market in luxury personal assets (fashion, accessories, perfume, watches and jewellery), or 212 billion euros (Cabinet Bain & Company – 2012).Feminism highlights women’s day to day experiences, and postmodernism emphasizes the importance of hedonism and pleasure in life.By capitalizing on these movements, it is now widely accepted in marketing that consumers no longer choose products just for functional uses, but also for what they represent.

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