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I want a road registered bike with a Rotax engine Thanks for your help Mark The Matchless brand was resurrected briefly in the 1980s, by Harris I think - that machine had a Rotax.

The Aprilia Pegaso of course is Rotax powered, as is, I believe, the F650 BMW series.

Sun Apr 09 2006 Ste Catv56 at aoldot com Engine ID Help Norton/Villiers/cotton?

I have had in my possesion for almost 20 years an engine that i was told is an " Norton Villiers a 250cc...where on the engine do i find the serial number? USA Sat Apr 08 2006 danmccurdy at Cotton Trials 175 Cavalier I am in need of Minarelli engine parts such as piston, rings, points, etc. Two of these bikes currently in restoration progress. Smiths 12,000rpm tacho; New Paint; Avon fairing, powder coated frame. Fitted front 3x19 and rear 3,5 x 19 original aluminium wheels.

I was told it was a 1963 model but I would like to confirm that.

The ID plate is missing from the left hand crank case, there is a number 39 stamped on the frame, it has a single Amal carb and a 4 speed gear box. Larry Haney Beebe, Arkansas uk message: Hello everyone, i am searching for any relevant articles, photos, magazines for a 1979 Cotton 250cc (the one that was only in late 78 and 79 with the Rotax engine. v=g Qb Zii GGTi4 I am lucky to own the early ones with the chromed exhaust. Fri Sep 18 2009 monions at uk cotton motorcycle cotton all makes a new website is being put together to help enthusiasts looking for information on the cotton brand Mon Jun 15 2009 info at COTTON/Rotax 250cc Cotton Race 250cc TRying to make contact with people that have some of the still lasting Cottons with Rotax engine I have lost contact with some of the owner. Here are 2 images of Cotton motorcycles with frames that would probably work...

I don't think many were used on the circuits either so it should stick out like a sore thumb. Thanks Again Tony Mon May 22 2006 mark at [bounced] Cotton / Rotax Did Cotton make a motorcycle with a Rotax engine? London Yes, 21 Rotax-engined Cotton roadracers were built from around 1976 to possibly as late as 1981.

Have been in contact with some of the old "worksrider" but they haven´t much of info Is there someone that has info and maybe pictures please let me know Sweden Mon Jan 26 2009 wlenkeit at gmaildot com Prospective purchase Cotton Trials I've come upon a Cotton trials bike for sale. Looks like a good restoration project but I have no idea of it's worth and no sources for information. England Sat Oct 14 2006 scottfiona at au armstrong front shocks cotton cougar Hi Wonder if anyone could tell me if the armstrong shocks on the front of my 1963 cotton cougar are still available Thanks Scott newcastle, australia Sun Jul 09 2006 gordonbarker316 at btinternetdot com Cotton 250/325 Continental? Frame is twin down tube and has the lifting handle on the rear nearside toprail.USA Sun Apr 29 2007 Robw at wavecabledot com Cotton 1964 Cougar I am looking for a Piston and other parts for this bike. The motor is a Villiers 36A and I think it is a 1964 Washington State, USA Sat Mar 24 2007 melucci at 1972 workshop manual 175cc Cotton Trials Hello, I own a 1972 175cc Cotton trials bike and have the workshop manual that came with it. Does any one out there know where I could find one or if not, is this the sort of thing I could get made up at an electrical engineers and what information should I supply to them ( power input/output etc? Tank is red/black and centre fairing and fairing/trim is red. Has a battery box cum Toolbox that goes behind centre fairing. Mon Jun 19 2006 anthonyavis at aoldot com History wanted Cotton Arrow Since 1975 I have owned a bike known as the Cotton Arrow.If this manual is something that you could use let me know. Reg no is 857 PMA and it is a Cotton Continental frame which was fitted with an Ariel Arrow engine with skimmed heads,wal phillips injectors, expansion chambers, Tomaselli levers/twist grip,hand made clip ons and rear sets with fibreglass racing seat and tank.Can anyone help with any history pre 1975 for this unique bike please?Thanks Essex I dismantled the bike in 1976 to rebuild it and it has been in bits ever since! Unfortunately the engine, frame etc are buried at the back of the garage and it is probably a couple of days work to get to them.

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