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Imagine that you’ve got a user form that accepts adding comments on a page.You have fields for someone to add a comment that includes their name, email address, comment, and a hidden field of the page ID they’re commenting on. I have been trying to work-out the abide-validation on my website.I have an ajax submitted form that has abide validation (the code is specified below).When the user submits a comment, a script processes the comment and adds it to a database.

Now, to me, validating my code is a very good idea!

If someone is trying to hack your site, there can be extra data coming in.

And if you’re accepting any data coming in, then you’re vulnerable because you’re allowing people to do whatever they want.

Since this comment form will be sent to our script as a POST variable, we don’t want to loop through each field of the POST without knowing it’s what we want.

Here’s an example of a POST variable that is sent to our script: Array ( [name] = 37 ) This shows that we have exactly the data we asked for, but if a hacker wanted to add extra information (like an extra field), then there could be possibilities for corrupting your site.

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